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    standing link   Question 1. Are the bass just not biting?
Question 2. Are there any bass here today?

Answer: Questions 1 and 2 are really the same. Are there any fish where I am fishing or are the fish here but not biting now? This is the heart of bass fishing. If you are not catching fish, either one could be the cause. First state the time of year, weather, cover and depth you are fishing. If these indicate fish should be there, then maybe they are there. Since bass do not follow my rules, they also may not be. You have three options. First you can change the type of bait. Go to something different, not a small change. Second try another spot with similar conditions. If there is no luck there, likely the fish are not there either. Third, go to another spot with different depth, cover, water color, or temperature.
      Question 3. Would a reaction bait or a food imitator work better now?

Answer: Let the fish answer this question. Try a slow moving worm or lizard then try a fast mover like a jerk bait, spinner bait or crank bait. Only the fish know what they want. Try both.
      Question 4. How deep can I see a white spinner bait?

Answer: Obviously this deals with water clarity. If the visibility is around one foot or less the bass should be shallow and tight to cover. If the water is clear, two feet or more visibility, they should be deeper, specially if the sun is shining.
      Question 5. Is the water level falling, rising or stable?

Answer: Falling water moves fish deep and makes them less active. Rising water moves bass shallow and more active. If the water level is stable, look to other factors to decide where to fish.
cartoon1 Question 6. What cover is available at what depth?

Answer: The fish will likely be where the cover is unless the cover is too shallow or to deep for that day's conditions. Check the other answers to decide on depth and try to find cover at that depth.
Question 7. What structure is available at what depth?

Answer: Again check the other factors that influence depth to see what depth structure to fish. Structure is even better if it has cover on it.
Question 8. Are there signs of life such as fish eating birds, baitfish or active fish here?

Answer: If the answer is no, find another spot.
            Question 9. Would it be better to change baits or change areas?

Answer: See answers for 1 and 2.

Question 10. Is the sun shining?

Answer: If the sun is shining and the water is clear, look for shade such as trees or boat docks. You can also go deeper. If the sun is not shining the fish should be shallower and more free roaming.