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Proline Bassmasters Tournament Rules Page 1 - (Revised May 2022)

 [As below, fish pertains to either Smallmouth or Largemouth Bass only]
  1. Participation in any of our club tournaments is for members of Proline Bassmasters and invited guests.

  2. To become a new member you must attend one monthly meeting and fish one tournament as a rider with a boater other than your sponsor. Then you will be voted on at the next meeting.

  3. Only two (2) members of the Tournament Committee will measure & weigh the fish.  The contestant whose fish are being recorded will be expected to confirm his recorded weight.  No fish will be assumed to be the minimum length.  All fish must be weighed & measured by the Weighmaster(s) to be recorded for total points.  If there is any discrepancy, it must be resolved before the fish are released.  Upon release of the fish, the discussion is closed.

  4. The manner in which the fish are to be released is at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.  Their decision, with regard to alive or dead fish, is final.

  5. The allowable minimum size of fish brought to the scale or submitted on paper (in the case of a paper tournament) will be twelve (12) inches unless otherwise noted by State or local lake regulations.

  6. During the weigh-in, if there is any question that a fish may not meet the minimum length, that member can request an official “dink” board to measure the fish.  The contestant is still accountable if the fish does not meet the required minimum length once brought to the scales.  Any member who brings a fish to the scales that does not meet the minimum length will be penalized [the weight of his largest and smallest fish] to be removed from his total weight for the day.

  7. A protest of another member, due to that member’s possible actions against our regulations, must be claimed immediately or within fifteen (15) minutes after the tournament end time.  If the matter cannot be resolved at that time, the protest must be put in writing to the Tournament Committee who will make their review & have a decision which will be announced at the next monthly meeting.

  8. All tournaments will be started by the Tournament Director or a designated Tournament Committee person.  That person will give a time check to all participants prior to the start time.  If adverse weather conditions occur, such as [lightning, fog, etc.], the tournament start time will be at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

  9. Boat owners and riders who are late for launch time must make every effort to find their respective partner they have been paired with before fishing.  An effort must be made, by the member arriving late, to contact his partner and pair up with that partner only.  The late arriving member is not permitted to fish until the pairing has been made. The club will depart for the tournament site from the designated meeting place at a specific time for each tournament.  Members not present at the meeting place are responsible for getting to the launch site on their own & on time.  If a rider is present & his boat owner does not show, that rider will be placed as a 3rd person in another boat via drawing.

  10. Members who do not comply with the Tournament Committee’s safety requirements, such as [boat lights on when required / wearing of life vests when outboard is running] can be disqualified from that tournament at their discretion.

  11. Boat checks will be conducted at the discretion of the Tournament Committee or at the request of any boat’s rider who feels the boat is not functioning properly.  Violations are at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

  12. All fish must remain in the livewell for weighing until both owner and rider are ready to bring  their fish to the scales.  At that time, both partners will remove their fish and proceed to the weigh-in location.

  13. Life vests must be worn whenever the boat’s combustible engine in running.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification from that tournament.

  14. Live bait & Trolling are not allowed in any tournaments.  Only baitcasting or spinning type equipment may be used.  Any contestant who would become snagged or hung up on the bottom [or somewhere in the water column] must either retrieve or break off the lure from the snag immediately.  At no time may he pick up a second rod and continue fishing while another rod is snagged.  Any violation of these rules will result in disqualification.

  15. All out-of-state tournaments will require each participant to possess that state’s fishing license unless the tournament is in tidal water.  In this case, a tidal water license of the bordering state is required.  New Jersey also requires an operator’s permit or approved boating safety course certificate to operate gas or electric boat motors.

  16. Contestants late for weigh-in will be penalized at the rate of one (1) pound per minute late.  Beyond fifteen (15) minutes late, all credit for the day’s catch will be lost.

  17. Upon returning to the weigh-in site at the designated stop time, all fishing must end.  The Tournament Director will determine the “weigh-in area” prior to the start of the event.  Fishing is allowed in that area up until the stop time.

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