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Proline Bassmasters Tournament Rules Page 3  - (Revised May 2022)

 [As below, fish pertains to either Smallmouth or Largemouth Bass only]


  1. Members who intend on fishing an upcoming tournament but cannot attend the monthly meeting previous to that tournament must contact a member of the Tournament Committee prior to that meeting.  Members who do not make a commitment to fishing a tournament before or during the monthly meeting will not be drawn for that tournament.

  2. Pertaining to weigh-in events:  If a boat owner decides to fish but did not enter his name into the draw pool, he must go as a rider.  In which case a boater will be paired with the remaining owners who were not previously drawn from that pool.  If no unpaired boats exist, and any of the boat owners previously paired wish to fish alone [provided their rider has not fished more than one (1) time with the boat owner entering late] his rider may be switched to the late entry boat owner.  If more than one (1) owner wishes to fish alone, a drawing must be held to determine the pairing.  If a rider   enters after the initial draw, an available owner will be drawn from all remaining boats not paired.  The owners who were in the draw pool and not paired with any rider may choose to fish alone or may pair up with another owner from that pool also not paired.  In this case, the members cannot fish with the same person more than twice per year rule would not apply.

  3. If a remaining boat owner does not have a rider paired with him after the draw & it was suggested that he find a rider outside the club, that rider will not later be told that he cannot fish in the tournament.  However, if the remaining boat owner has not yet found a rider & we could use his boat for a late entry of one of our members, the owner must take our member.

  4. A member who commits himself to a club tournament & later finds he cannot make good on his commitment must contact a member of the Tournament Committee at least 24 hours prior to the tournament unless an emergency was determined to be the reason for withdrawal.

  5. An owner & rider may only fish together two (2) times over the course of any one (1) tournament season.  This rule may be waived [if need be] to allow as many of our members to participate in a tournament as possible.

  6. Situations not covered in the tournament rules [or any amendments to them] will be handled at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

  7. A guest can fish only 3 point tournaments before he is expected to join the club.

  8. After the guest joins the club they will receive points and weight for when they fished as a guest towards their end of year standings.

  1. The yearly dues for club memberships are $110.00 per member due at the October meeting, but after that date the dues go up to $125.00.  Additionally, tournaments are $20.00 per member per tournament which is paid to the Tournament Director the morning of the event.  Fees for two-day tournaments will be agreed upon by all participants prior to that tournament.  Lunker fees will be determined and paid in full the morning of each individual tournament.  No refunds will be given for any reason.

  2. Members with outstanding dues, tournament fees, or other amounts to the club will not be eligible to fish any tournaments until that member is current.  Outstanding amounts must be paid at the meeting prior to the member being drawn to participate in any upcoming tournaments.  Payments of this type at the launch ramp are not permitted.

  3. Payouts at Club tournaments is as follows: 1st place - $6.00 X the number of participants
                                                                         2nd place - $4.00 X the number of participants
                                                                         3rd place - $3.00 X the number of participants
                                                                         LUNKER - $2.00 X the number of participants
                                                                         The extra $5.00 goes toward the CLASSIC at the end of the year.


  1. Both owner & rider should agree to a reasonable rider fee that is satisfactory to both parties before launch time.  A maximum of $25.00 per day plus half (1/2) of the launch fee will be paid by the rider on unlimited horsepower lakes only.  No fee has been set for electric lakes and will be at the discretion of both parties.

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