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Proline Bassmasters Tournament Rules Page 4 - (Revised May 2022)

 [As below, fish pertains to either Smallmouth or Largemouth Bass only]

  1. Type III Personal Floatation Device for each person on board

  2. Fire Extinguisher

  3. Kill switch on all electric-start motors

  4. Appropriate functional navigation lights

  5. Secured anchor

  6. Paddle

  7. Proper capacity plate

  8. Proper size outboard/sterndrive in accordance with capacity plate

  9. Suitable landing net

  10. Possessing and/or being under the influence of alcohol is prohibited while operating a boat

  11. All other requirements in accordance to the laws of the state you are fishing

  12. Tournament boats will require a minimum of a forty (40) horsepower engine to be used on all unlimited horsepower lakes.

  1. Member finishing 1st place in point standings shall receive the Mr. Bass Award.

  2. Members finishing 2nd-6th places in point standings shall receive their respective plaques. (paper and actual weigh-ins)

  3. Member who caught the largest bass during the year in a tournament shall receive the Lunker Award for both paper and actual weigh-ins.

  4. Collected tournament dues will be used toward the State Team Tournament expenses.


  1. The fees for the classic will be $15.00 per boat which includes lunker.

  2. The classic will be 100% payback. The money collected less $2.00 per boat for lunker will be divided at a 60/40 split for 2nd and 3rd place.

  3. Fish caught in the club classic do NOT count toward your year end points and total weight in the standings.

  4. The classic is an eight hour tournament.

  5. There shall be 10 votes cast for the classic location during the season. In the event that a club tournament is won by a guest, the highest placing club member will get the vote for that tournament.

  6. To qualify for the classic: You must have fished 6 of the 10 (point) tournaments throughout the year.

  7. Location of the classic: At the end of each point tournament the winning angler will receive an envelope in which to place their votes. They will make 3 choices per envelope. First, second and third choice for classic location. After they turn in their sealed envelope to the tournament director the winning angler and tournament officials will sign the back of the envelope across the seal. After the last point tournament of the year, the angler of the year will pick 1 envelope. The tournament director of the club will collect the envelope and open 1 week prior to the classic to get the necessary permit or reservation. If the classic cannot be held on choice 1, then choice 2 will be chosen and if necessary choice 3. All qualifying members will be notified by email at approximately 3pm the afternoon before of the location of the classic. If you do not receive the email, it is the club members responsibility to call a club official to find out the location.

  8. All other club tournament rules not mentioned above apply to the classic.

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